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10 Easy Steps To Rock Any Event Using Hashslider

A party or any event without a screen will definitely feel incomplete. If you’re the guest you will instantly realize that something is missing; but if you’re the host or event planner, it’s totally your fault. Luckily for everyone, Hashslider makes it easier now.

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How To Improve Your Events With Hashslider?

Instead of using random videos or old pictures of previous unrelated events; Hashslider will let you play any image shared on Instagram or Twitter tagged with the hashtag related to the event. And it will happen almost instantly, you will be able to watch your pictures on the big screen just seconds away after taking them with your smartphone. But in order to that, you need to master Hashslider, it will only take 5 minutes to become the king of the party.



Step By Step Of How To Excel At Events Using Hashslider

1. You need an Instagram account and a large screen or projector in order to configure the settings and have a screen large enough where to play the sliders.

instagram account

2. Configure your event by adding the Hashtag you want to use.

3. If you want to also collect photos from Twitter then click on the Twitter logo.

4. Select the starting date of the event, pictures taken after that date with the appropriate hashtag will be see shown.

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5. Set your screens; if you need to moderate pictures you need two screens (the large screen and the other one you will be using, it could be a laptop for example), you have to extend your desktop (Windows or Mac OS) and drag and drop the slideshow browser tab to the big screen and then click the ‘Full Screen’ button.

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6. Moderate pictures by discarding those that you feel are not adequate, you can censor and uncensor photos by clicking on them.

moderate pictures

7. Configure settings and customize the slideshow so the sliders look unique and stylish

8. Start the Hashslider slideshow so pictures can start showing themselves in the big screen.

start hashslider show

9. Take pictures and send them to Instagram or Twitter with the selected Hashtag and they will begin to appear as sliders on the screen for anyone to see.

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10. Enjoy the party, wedding, congress or any event and have fun watching your live feed made of pictures that were just taken.

Customize Your Hashslider Experience

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Need some inspiration? Take a look at these Hashslider samples and watch how cool and sweet they are:


Huawei Bubble Chat Event – MWC 2016

huawei hashslider

Love 11 Event – 11 Street

11 street love eleven event

Kyle and Nikki Wedding

wedding customization hashslider

Premium Wedding Customization

premium wedding customization

Fotomaton Barcelona – Professional Event Customization

fotomaton barcelona

Illustrated Customization For Weddings

illustrated customization hashslider

Did you like it and want it already? Go ahead to the Hashslider website and use it, it’s free!