REMEMBER: Your event doesn’t begin on either the day or the scheduled time. It’s starts today.

4 Social Media Tips For Before Your Event

Organizing an event is just as hard as it is rewarding once you see the room full of excited attendees. And half of the efforts that go into planning your event, should be focused on marketing it. Otherwise you’re going to have a hard time—to say the least—trying to fill those seats.

Luckily for you, there is a super-tool in the palm of your hand… literally. We are talking about social media, which has quickly become the number one instrument for event planners and marketers to guarantee the success of any event long before it takes place!

REMEMBER: Your event doesn’t begin on either the day or the scheduled time. It’s starts today. So let’s get down to work!

1. Create a universal hashtag

The first thing you have to do is give your event an identity, and a hashtag is the perfect way to do so. But is not as easy as picking and choosing any phrase or word; you have to put some thought into it.

Remember the acronym S.U.D.: Short, Unique, and Descriptive. Short enough you it doesn’t take all 140 characters on Twitter; unique so that the content you and you followers share under the hashtag doesn’t get in a of other posts that have nothing to do with you; and descriptive so that it accurately represents your event.

A hashtag will also come handy the day of your event. It can be a great way to create and participate in engaging conversations with your attendees and interest parties. In a nutshell, it will enhance social buzz. You can even use it to browse through all the content that is being shared using your hashtag, and then display in on real time on a social media wal like Hashslider’s.

A unified hashtag to use across all your social channels is an absolute must.

2. Share attractive content

When in doubt, “multimedia” it out! This is the kind of posts that are more likely to be shared by your followers, because peeps just love them some visual content.

Images with quotes, snaps of your previous events, photos of your staff, behind the scene videos, pictures of the speakers, even memes… the possibilities are endless! Adding a visual aid to your posts will not only draw the attention of your followers, but it will also push them into sharing that eye-catching post with their own contacts, and without having to do much, more people will find out about your event.

Get that snowball rolling!

3. Set up a Facebook event

I’m 100% sure you’ve heard about that little feature on Facebook called “Events”. Use it! This tool can not only help you to announce your event, but also to create expectation and to get people excited.

Add an attractive cover photo (otherwise you will get ignored); give your attendees all the information; get your dates, times, and places straight; constantly update the Event page; and get people clicking on that attending button.

Of course, like with any other type of invite, RSPV’s aren’t written on stone. Even if you got a 1000 people saying they’ll be there, about only half of them will actually attend your event. That’s just the way it is. But Facebook is a social environment, and it’s all about what seems to be buzzing. The more people say they’re going, the more people will get excited about the event, increasing the chances that they’ll share it, or RSVP themselves. Some of the “maybes” might turn into confirmed guests through this tumbling process.

4. Continue to update during and after the event

Like we said at the beginning, the marketing process starts long before your event takes place. But you also should keep in mind that this task can also linger way long after the big day.

While the event is ongoing, keep all your social media updated. Publish images of the venue, repost your attendees’ content, announce giveaways and contest, and basically take your whole event to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And you know what they say… the show must go on! After the event ends, thank your attendees through social media and email lists for turning it into such a special day! Ask for their feedback, listen to what they have to say, keep them posted on future events, and start planning the next one!