5 Content Marketing Trends That Are Running The Internet!

The digital marketing world is constantly changing at full speed. What today is a tactic as innovative as effective, tomorrow could it could be the reason that lead your business to bankruptcy.

But don’t worry, new trends don’t always mean that everything you’ve been doing is wrong and that you should pull the plug on your business before it is too late. In fact, they are quite the opposite! New trends—rather, implementing new trends is an opportunity to improve, evolve, and stand out before anyone else does.

Internet users are tired and sick of always seeing the same thing. They develop a virtual blindness to what their eyes already know. Therefore, we must take a turn, draw their attention, and scream loud and clear: this is my business and there’s nothing else like it!

The following are five content marketing trends that have proven to be successful so far in 2017. Read them, learn them, use them and no one—and we mean no one—will ever steal your thunder!

1. Proliferation of the professional “content curator”

The figure of “content curator” is essential. Plain and simple.

Due to the large number of blogs on the web, the information available on the internet has exponentially multiplied, so it is absolutely necessary to debug this information in order to extract what really is important, relevant, and above all, truthful. Do you want to be trustworthy? Do you want to be a reliable source of information? If you answered yes, do not overlook content curators. Creating high-quality content is essential for the success of any of the following strategies, but that will only result after a careful content curating process.

2. Blog collabs

The networking that comes from posts exchange in blogs is something very, very valuable. In addition to favoring the organic positioning of your page, “collabing” with a fellow blogger will add new content to your site, bring a different point of view to the table, and at the same time, expose you to a new public.

But don’t just guest blog anywhere—even more so, don’t let just anyone in your page. Make sure that your collabs are always related to the main topic of your page, that way you’ll provide your audience with more complete, but always relevant information.

3. The influencers

Speaking of collabs, influencers are rough diamonds for businesses. They are much more accessible than an A-list or even local celebrity, but they still have great power of influence—hence their name—among their generally large base of followers. Having an influencer to showcase your product or service will be one of the most powerful actions for promoting the content of your company. Yes, high-quality content is very, very important, but if you don’t spread the word, it will be as useful as having no content at all.

4. Active listening to users

This “trend” is a given, but it’s still worth the mention. The feedback offered by users is essential to the improvement of a business. After all, consumers are the ones who have all the information on how the product or service works, what could be improved, opinions…

These observations can set the bases to generate content that your users actually enjoy and care for. If they are given the content they demand, the image of your company will be strengthened because they will know and acknowledge that you are taking their ideas and opinions into account.

Feeling like there is someone on the other side of the screen who cares for what I have to say creates a bond between the client and the company that could lead to what marketing experts call “lovemark”, a company that creates loyalty beyond reason!

Not for nothing, listening to customers has always been a key to the success of a business, even before the Internet era!

5. Content format diversification

It’s all about keeping your customers hooked.

Social media has made everything more visual. So what are you waiting for? Yes, written posts are still very useful to provide all the necessary information for your costumers, as well as to help the organic positioning of your website. But is 2017! Your content must also have a strong visual component to it.

Let’s see Instagram, for example. You can write a very good caption for your picture/vide—again, this is still very important—but if the image itself is not attractive or it doesn’t stand out from the thousands of posts in your users’ newsfeed, then… what’s the point?

Or take, Twitter. Sometimes those 140 characters are not enough to communicate the message you want to share with your followers. That’s why you can add a picture, a video, or a GIF—user’s favorite—to go along your tweet.

You can even use a social media wall at your events—say, Hashslider? 😉 – to further explode these alternative content formats available on your Instagram and Twitter and show your clients how on trend you are on real-time!


Keeping an eye on new content marketing strategies can really take off your business. These five strategies are the hottest trends so far in 2017. Curate your content, collaborate with other bloggers, work with influencers, listen to your audience, and use alternative content formats. Give these strategies a try and make your content stand out!