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5 Interesting Ways To Use Hashslider At Home

Hashslider is the best app to use at a club, birthday, wedding and almost every other event. Showing slides with pictures taken from social media in a large screen is an elegant, irresistible, and interactive feature that everyone will remember. After using Hashslider, any other event without it will just feel empty. But you shouldn’t wait for the next event, you can also use Hashslider at home.

Hashslider Can Be Your Coolest Home App



There are many interesting, creative, but also useful ways to use Hashslider at home, but we gathered the 5 best for you to start the Hashslider experience right away:

Finding Online Recipes

You can have dozens of books with recipes, and millions of other recipes kept in thousands of food and cuisine websites, but it’s hard to decide. Having so many options is often worse than having just a few, and you waste hours of your time just choosing. And you probably end up doing something you saw in the last moment on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Hashslider uses the power of social media to bring you the images and the inspiration you need without any effort, just choose the right hashtag and wait for the most delicious recipes to show themselves.

food recipes

Being Updated On Recent News or Events

Everyday interesting things are happening all over the world, not everything is tragedy or conflict. So if you feel you are one of those people that don’t want to miss the good things of life you just have to pick the ideal hashtag and use Hashslider to enjoy. Many festivals, celebrations, major events and even natural phenomena occur every year and you will miss them if you’re not watching.


Get To Know A Particular Place

Having a vacation is probably one of the things people adore the most, but it’s hard to choose the right destination. There are tons of websites for tourists and locations, but who knows best than people? If you really want to know how it’s like to be in a certain city or country, the best place you search is in social media. And Hashslider makes it much easier for you by showing only the pictures that people share and their thoughts.



Decorating Your Living Room

Are you having guests this evening and you want to impress them with something unique and fantastic? Don’t over think it. You can use a screen like your TV to show beautiful slides with pictures of nature, lovely cities, animals, and everything you want using Hashslider. Pick the right hashtag and let the slideshow begin.



Ideas For Shopping

What many people call ‘envy’ is actually just ‘inspiration’. People is often attracted to things other people wear or use, and it’s completely normal. Some experts even call it marketing, you see something you like because you feel identified with it, and then you buy it. Sometimes you don’t have the time to walk dozens of stores in a day, but that’s not an issue anymore, if you’re looking for ideas or inspiration you can use Hashslider to see pictures of whatever you intend to buy. The best thing of all is that these pictures will be real pictures of real people using their products, and not advertised images that look perfect but are not.


Do you have better ideas? Use Hashslider and try them out!