7 Tips to Make a Successful and Enjoyable Event

Events are useful mediums to communicate important news, messages, and promote engagement and networking among attendees. No organization is small enough to not consider making an event. But it is necessary to make a good event in order to make an impact; otherwise it will just be a waste of money.

7 Tips from Hashslider to Make a Great Event


They might be only seven, but they are crucial in the making of an event that is worth remembering. Use your resources wisely and follow these tips to avoid failure.

1. Choose a Good Master of Ceremonies

Many event planners make the mistake of choosing the Master of Ceremonies or Host at the last hour. A terrible mistake because he/she is the main speaker and one of the most visible faces of the organization. The MC sets the speed and the mood of the event, a bad or boring host can potentially kill the mood of the entire event. Empathy, humor, and interaction with the public can make a good difference.


2. Use Technology to Improve Interaction

Some events forbid the use of smartphones or tablets, as it could be possible nowadays. The best you can do is to take advantage of technology and allow them to use them freely. Give the Wi-Fi password, invite them to visit the organization’s website, send emails with the agenda or relevant information, and you can even create a Facebook or WhatsApp Group to promote social interactions.


3. Choose a Twitter Hashtag and Use Hashslider

You can’t make an event fun and interactive without ever using Hashslider. Choose the appropriate hashtag, set up Hashslider, and have someone monitor the slides. The end result will be an amazing screen projection of people’s best moments during the realization of the event.


4. Give All Attendees a Copy of the Agenda.

You can use both paper and electronic media to deliver the agenda, but it’s important that you do. As a general rule, people always forget the agenda, so it will be useful and much appreciated to have copies available or make it downloadable from the website.


5. Take Care of Your Speakers.

Speakers are the protagonists of the event after all, so it’s impolite and risky to treat them as common attendees. You won’t necessarily have to give them luxuries, but small details are noted. Simple treats like drinks, snacks, food, and bottle water, make the difference.


6. Allow For Social Interaction

Humans are naturally social, be always aware of that. Make short pauses with snacks, soda, and let the social interaction happen by itself. This facilitates connections and creates a friendlier mood in the audience.


7. Give Attendees Something to Remember By

There are money options available, some are fancy and other affordable. But instead of giving away t-shirts that they will only use at home, or USB drives to store and leave forgotten in some place, we advise giving away something they can use on a daily basis, such as pens, notebook, and even perfume.


Follow these tips and your event will be completely successful.