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Customize Your Events Like a Pro With Hashslider

Hashslider is the perfect tool if you want to show slides on a big screen with pictures shared on social media with any hashtag you decide for your event. But you don’t want only the pictures, you want a perfect background that truly reflects the tone of your event. How awfully simple would it be to only show pictures taken without words or context?

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Choose The Customization Plan That Better Fits You

Hashslider is basically free for anyone to use, you can use with your friends at a party, in a local bar to celebrate, and even at home with your family and guests; but for more special events you might consider one of the premium paid plans.

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Free Hashslider Plan

This plan has no time limit at all, you can use it for free for as long as you want it. The Hashslider free plan will collect pictures both from Instagram and Twitter and will also let you moderate the photos appearing on the slides.

The design is rather simple, but more than fit for small purposes or tiny events. It will have the Hashslider logo on the slides and a grey neutral background. It won’t call everyone’s attention by its design but its sobriety and the cool functionality of Hashslider will be a nice touch for the event.

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Remove Branding Hashslider Plan

This plan is perfect for starting as a professional event planner or a cool party host; since it will remove the Hashslider branding for a week. Your guests or customers won’t even know what kind of trick you did to make their Twitter and Instagram pictures be shown on a fancy big screen. Believe me, everyone will ask aboutit and go wild sharing their pictures and messages.

The possibilities for such a creative tool are infinite, you can make contests or any other activity based on the quality of the pictures and messages being shared on social media with the hashtag. The best part of this plan is that you can download the pictures of the event at the end and save them wherever you want, it’s always good to have some memories of your best moments, or share them in a website.

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Basic Hashslider Plan

This is the most popular plan, it is recommended for most of the important events since it will deliver a huge impact in creativity and design. Apart from the features found in previous plans, like no Hashslider branding, downloading the pictures and moderating the photos taken from Instagram and Twitter; the Basic Hashslider plan brings the creative punch with the ability to customize the slides for a whole week.

What can you change with a basic customization?

  • Background
  • Logo
  • Text colors
  • Information message

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How to get a basic customization?

You have two options: do it yourself with our basic customization templates for Adobe Photoshop and Gimp, or tell us what you need and we can do it together. Gimp is a free and open-source image editor.

Tell us what you need step by step:

Step 1 – Background

You can choose a plain color or you can select a background from our repository.

Step 2 – Logo

Send us your logo or a website from where we can take it.

Step 3 – Text colors

If you want to change the text colors tell us what colors you want for each element. You can change the colors of the user name, comments and hashtag.

Step 4 – Message

You can choose your own information message. The default one is: “Take a picture with Instagram or Twitter and hashtag it with #yourHashtag.”

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Professional Hashslider Plan

Now we’re talking about big, important, fancy events. It would be an unforgivable crime not to get this Hashslider plan if you want it all to go perfect and look fantastic. It has everything that you need and more.

What is included in the professional customization package?

  • Changing the placement of the slideshow elements.
  • Adding layers to the slideshow. You can add everything as background image and layers.
  • Full design of the slideshow. If you need our design team can design your full slideshow (background, colors, logo, etc).

So basically, Hashslider does it all for you and you won’t have to worry for anything; an amazing professional and creative team will be ready to attack with their best design ideas. You can ask whatever you want for your slides and the show. And of course, since the amount of images showing up in the slides will be huge, you will be given Multi Screen Moderation.

With Multi Screen Moderation, more than one person will be able to access the slides from different screens or devices using the same account.

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So, are you ready for the next big event? Hashslider sure is.