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Hashslider: The Ultimate Web App for Parties and Events

Imagine yourself sharing a picture of you and your friends at a party and it suddenly pops up in a big screen right on top of the dance floor. Using Hashslider will let you do it and everyone else at the party all of sudden will be competing to see whose pictures are the coolest.

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Amaze Your Friends and Guests Using Hashslider

Have you ever wanted to show your selfies with other friends at a party? It’s usually tedious and hard to see. Trying it with social media doesn’t work either, your friends are dancing and having too much fun to check their timelines.

Hashslider generates real-time slideshows with the pictures taken at any event. It fits perfectly with weddings, concerts, conferences, congresses, birthdays, parties and pretty much any event you can come up with.

Instead of saving pictures to check them later, everyone will be able to see them in real time. Even the most boring conferences can get fun with some spontaneous shots. Everyone with an Instagram or a Twitter account can be a part of the pictures feed just by tagging their pictures with the hash associated with the event.

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Hashslider Is Free And Easy To Use

You only need an Instagram account and a large screen or projector. You start by adding the hashtag that will be associated with the event, the starting date and that’s it. You can also moderate the uploaded pictures in case you don’t want inappropriate images from pranksters showing up in the screen. The slideshow will then automatically show any pictures shared on Twitter and Instagram tagged with the hashtag of the event.

Hashslider is free for anyone to use, no ads or hidden software. It’s actually easier and more user friendly than other services that offer similar features. It won’t be long before we see our grandmothers and her neighbourhood’s friends using it to share pictures of their cakes in a big screen; and competing against each other of course.

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You Can Customize the Slideshows However You Like

Hashslider is highly customizable. You can add fonts, colours, filters and many other features. It’s entirely optional but slideshows will look certainly premium and professional, no one will be believe you made it yourself. You can keep Hashslider as a secret or share it with your friends so they can tune up their events like some professional planners.

However, some of the features aren’t included in the free version. But Hashslider isn’t very expensive considering the premium quality of its service and how different your events will be with it. The free version includes the most basic features like collecting photos from Instagram and Twitter, moderate the uploaded pictures and it’ll show the Hashslider logo.

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Don’t let your events fall of grace with boring interaction. Bring Hashslider and everyone will talk of your master planning event skills for weeks.