How to Best Use Social Media to Market Your Event

How to Best Use Social Media to Market Your Event

There’s so much to do when it comes to event planning, that sometimes we forget to think about how to actually get people to show up and enjoy the very thing we’ve been working on! If you’re busy organizing and planning the logistics of an event, you’re probably not paying too much attention to its promotion. Or perhaps you are, but it might seem a little off-putting after all you’ve had to do so far.

Driving people to actually attend to an event is—in fact— not always an easy thing to do. It can cost you a great amount of money and a lot of time pouring only to have it flop.  But not necessarily.

Enter social media.

Social media is a fantastic low cost way to let people know about your event. But you have to know how to do it right! I often see smaller events not making full use of social media to inspire new people to attend.

You might think you know nothing—and maybe you actually don’t—, and the let alone idea of working out how to best use social media to market your event can be overwhelming. Fear not, for we have the answer to your questions. We will break it down for you! A step-by-step on how you can most effectively promote your event on social media for minimal time, money—and headaches—to attract more happy events attendees!

Spread the word in all your social media

The goal is for people to find out about your event by just landing on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram—you name it!  —page.

To do this, take full advantage of all the free event listing and management opportunities on Facebook.  Create and event and type down all the information regarding schedules, links to register, and any other important detail related to your event. Yes, this may seem pretty obvious, but for good reason. Facebook events are omnipresent, and people see them, interact with them, and most importantly, get event information from them every day.

In the case of Twitter, you can pin a tweet at the top of your profile with all the information and links to your event that you can fit in 140 characters. You can also promote your event by tweeting specific followers, but you have to be careful, though, or you could be seen as a spammer.

In short you want to invite your followers to attend your event in a friendly, attractive, non-invasive way, and keep them updated—and why not, intrigued—.

Generate content to share on your social media

I can’t find the words to overemphasize the importance of using visuals in your marketing. Generate attractive promotional content, so users share it themselves in their social media. That way you are helping your event go viral.

Create infographics, videos, posters and all kinds of promotional/ informative/ teaser content about your event that are easily shareable so your followers can post them in their social media and share the love with their contacts—which means free PR for you!—.

Create a #hashtag

Think of one unified hashtag to use across all your social channels. The shorter the better, please. Create, use and market your event-specific hashtag. Your hashtag means nothing if you don’t use it! You should do it well in advance of your event dates and it should be included on everything. EVERYTHING. Every digital image you create, every piece of collateral, your email signature. Everywhere and anywhere you can think of—share it!

By using an event-specific hashtag, you’ll make it really easy for people to find not only what you’re sharing, but what other people are saying, too.

This is also a great way to create and participate in an engaging conversation with attendees and interested parties. A specialized hashtag for your even can’t really enhance social buzz.

Digital screens to display social media

Everyone loves their 15 seconds of fame on the big screen, especially social media lovers! Set up digital screen to display all the social media content of your even on real time. Social media walls are a very effective tool in engaging attendees at your event. Get their attention. Tickle their thoughts and have them participate actively through conversation.

Social wall technology like Hashlider’s allows you to display your events’ content live as participants generate it and share it using your hashtag.  You can moderate the content with the controller view, which allows you to choose the photos, videos and tweets that will be shown on the slideshow to ensure good quality.

Social media displays are the leading way to get your audiences talking and sharing more about your event.


After your event, there’s still work to do. Just because it is over doesn’t mean your communication with attendees has to be. You can keep delivering quality content to your audience with multiple online channels and extend the life of your event and its message.

Create a follow-up email newsletter with the highlights of your events, and just that. Forget about the rest. When you start writing the summary, you may be tempted to relieve the whole event with as many details as possible. Honestly, that’s just boring. There’s no value for your newsletter readers here.

Instead, pick just a few highlights from the event. Think of it as a whole and pick the best resources or information from the day: Things that you learned, things that surprised you, things you know your attendees will share with their family, friends, or coworkers.


If you are planning and event and you want to reach as many people as possible, today we have the ideal tools to achieve it and for a much more affordable cost than we had a few years ago. Whether it is a corporate event, a fair, a gala or a party—even though they are different—they all have something in common: they all are events, they all want attendees, and they all need promotion to have them.

Social media is everywhere. Every audience, from teens to grannies, uses social. What a better tool to reach a major audience? Make sure you’re present to promote your next event!