How To Make A Great Instagram Social Wall

Nowadays, the event concept has changed because they no longer take place just in person. Besides that, people can join events by watching user content on social media and be aware about recent news.

Thanks to the technology development and the emergence of new digital marketing tools, today is possible to broadcast events on streaming on social media. That brings visibility around the globe, considering that anyone can join the celebration no matter where they are.

Currently, Instagram is one of the most important social networks due to the large growth it has experienced during the last years. Its user database has already hit 1 billion monthly users, and this value keeps on growing through the time.

Apart from their increasing popularity, we believe Instagram is a very suitable network for creating a social wall because it is very visual and generates a lot of engagement. Moreover, users feel it it is easy to manage and posting content through a hashtag becomes accessible to everyone.

More and more people are daring to contract Hashslider’s services to cheer the events they host. That is because it is very quick to install, easy to manipulate and adds value.

In the following lines, we are going to reveal some important tricks you should keep in mind if you want to create the greatest Instagram social wall.


1. Set up your Instagram wall in few steps



The essential requirements to create your Instagram wall are: having an Instagram account and be provided with a large screen. Once you have them, you can start configuring your event by creating your hashtag and choosing the starting date.

Remember that: the bigger the screen, the greater the impact.


2. Choose the right hashtag


Although it could seem irrelevant, choosing the right hashtag is crucial while creating a great social wall. It is very important to find the adequate words so that people can share content easily.

It should be noted that, the hashtag must not be a general word which could be used by tons of people, even the ones that didn’t know about the event and could provide inappropriate content. However, it has to be easy to remember by the attendees.

Consequently, it is not worth to create a complex hashtag, composed by many different characters and combining numbers and letters.

The main goal is to make it simple but efficient. The hashtag has to be representative and fit the celebration motives.

In case your Instagram social wall was for a branding event, the hashtag should be created according to your marketing strategy and the corporate values.

As a conclusion, we could summary the right characteristics a hashtag should have into:

  • Relevant
  • Clear
  • Unique
  • Easy to remember
  • Catchy
  • As brief as possible


3. Moderate content


If your objective is to display a quality social wall, you should bear in mind that Hashslider offers a useful moderating content feature.

The purpose is to filter undesired posts and create a relevant feed, because oddly enough, many times people do not respect the rules and share inappropriate content at the event.

Moreover, it is also possible to receive unrelated posts from users who attached the event hashtag either for coincidence or bad intention. Unfortunately, some people misuse event hashtags in order to obtain extra exposure and new profile views.

Therefore, if the posts don’t fit the social wall requirements to be displayed, you can restrict them from appearing on the big screen.




4. Encourage participation


A great Instagram wall requires from attendee’s participation. If you want to make sure that your guests share pictures on Instagram to promote your event on social media, you should plan some sort of actions to achieve that.

There are several ways of increasing guests’ participation, such as announcing the hashtag previous days before the event so that people are aware of it.

If you are hosting a small event, maybe you could engage participation by offering a photocall, providing your guests with fancy dresses or complements to take funny pictures or proposing challenges. We are sure these actions will increase the amount of shared posts!

Whereas you organize a big brand event, what could be done to encourage guests is offering incentives such as gifts and prices, as well as organizing quizzes and contests.

The more images the slideshow contains, the broader the impact it will have on social networks and the better the perception people will have about the event.

5. Customize your social wall


If you are looking for the perfect fit for your event, you can consider the option of creating a customized slideshow according to your needs.

Hashslider team will be glad to design your fully customized theme for your professional solution. For more information you can check our pricing plans at //  .