How to make the most of Hashslider at school?

Since the arrival of Internet and social networks in the education field,  new practices and applications have emerged. Those new introductions have resulted in innovative learning methodologies designed not only to investigate and learn but also to strengthen internal and external communication of the school.

The emergence in the educational stage of digital natives is a permanent challenge in terms of communication. Classic formats based on paper supports, such as circulars, brochures and magazines have been gradually replaced by digital applications. Consequently, electronic magazines, newsletters and digital content screens have gradually become more relevant through the years. It is very common to find informative screens located in key spaces, such as reception, classrooms, dining rooms and libraries, among others.

Undoubtedly, one of the breaking solutions that are creating greater impact are slide shows projected on screens of all formats and dimensions such as Hashslider, that allows to generate a presentation in which we can project in real time photographs and videos shared on Instagram and Twitter simply including an username or hashtag in the posts.

Hashslider is a powerful tool which can fit in multiple occasions in colleges and universities. In the following lines we are going to mention some of them. To give more emphasis, we will also illustrate pictures from our recent customers in educational license.


1. Permanent informative screen


The location of fixed screens in different key places of the institution help to inform and entertain students, academic team and visitors.


2. Special events


Hashslider fits perfectly in special events promoted by the educational institution. The most popular applications are graduation parties, festivals and Christmas celebrations, among others.


3. Workshops


Class activities and workshops are becoming more and more dynamic every day. Teachers and mentors try to bring new technologies to the education field.

The social wall can be used to reinforce knowledge and core concepts while students create a sense of community.


4. Extracurricular activities


Students usually spend extra time at school, assuming they practice sports or take part of any other extracurricular activities outside academic hours. In order to make them interact and develop teamwork skills, Hashslider engages them to share and create unique experiences.











From Hashslider team,  with the aim of promoting the use of our slideshow in educational environments, we have launched an advantageous Educational License, since it allows schools and universities to make the most of the different functionalities of Hashslider under a special payment conditions.