Introducing the New Hashslider Pricing Plans

In Hashslider, our ultimate goal is for you to enjoy the perks of using a social wall.

But what does that exactly mean? Allow me to elaborate.

We not only want you to make the best use out of your social media—specifically Twitter and Instagram—, but we also want you to have fun throughout the process, and, ultimately, enjoy the event you’ve worked so hard to put up together. At the end of the day, that’s what all this is about, right?

We’ve talked before about the many features Hashslider offers that make the above possible. A post viewer and individual comment moderation, banning options, emojis, remote moderation, and many other features make Hashslider fun and easy to use.

So, on regards of our ultimate goal, in all honestly— and at the risk of sounding a little too cocky—, I think we’ve nailed it!

Don’t get me wrong! For Hashslider, the sky is the limit. The app will only continue to grow and improve. That is a fact. That being said, for the time being, we are proud and happy without the product itself—and it seems like you are too!

But like I stated before, there’s always room for improvement. And so, we took a step back, and we asked ourselves a question:

How can we be better?

Thus, our new pricing plans.

Hashslider’s New Pricing Plans

In our eagerness to always be better—and to always make you happy 😉 — we decided to come up with new, better pricing plans to offer something suitable for you, whatever your needs are—or regardless of your budget, for that matter.

We are happy to introduce you our new 6 plans:

  • Free Plan

Whether you’re hosting a small event, or you just want to test the waters before actually committing to a paid plan, this is the option for you. The free plan—needless to say how much it costs—offers 1 source per platform and the default theme with a big Hashslider logo. The free version follows hashtags, automatically updates every minute, and allows you to collect up to 100 posts, from both Instagram and Twitter. It also offers e-mail support response in 1-3 business days. It’s pretty basic, but it is good, and it might as well be what you need for a “one time” kind of thing.

  • Basic Plan

Despite its name, the Basic Plan, is not as basic as the Free Plan, for example. For €4 for 3 days—or €20 for a month, which means a 50% discount (OMG)—, you’ll increase the limits of your plan and will have access to most of Hashslider’s features. The Basic Plan offers 3 sources per platform, and again, our default theme with our logo. This option follows not only hashtags, but also accounts, and it automatically updates every minute. And if you get in trouble, our email support will get back to you in only 1 business day. Sounds better, right?

  • Remove Branding Plan

Any clue on what the perks of this plan might be? The “remove branding plan”—as you might’ve guessed—has a non-branded theme! It also offers 6 sources per platform, follows hashtags as well as accounts, automatically updates every minute, and collects up to 1000 posts from Instagram and Twitter. Unlike our other 2 previous plans, the Remove Branding Plan allows you to download photos and videos. Oh! And our support team will respond to all of your queries via email in only 3 hours. You can enjoy all of these benefits for €75 for 3 days, or save yourself some coins—or more exactly about €500— and pay $225 for a month. Perfect for little businesses!

  • Standard Customization Plan

This plan offers the exact same benefits, but with one major asset—which in our opinion is a big differentiator (a deal breaker, if you may). If you want to customize your slideshow to fit the style of your event, and make it look more unique and professional, you should take a look at this plan. For €99 for 3 days—or €297 for one month (you’ll save almost €700)—you can have all the perks of the Remove Branding Plan, plus a standard customized theme for your event! What a deal!

  • Professional Plan

This is our precious little gem. The best of the best. La crème de la crème. For €300 for 3 days, our Professional Plan offers you 10 sources per platform and a fully customized theme. It also allows you to collect up to 10000 posts, follows hashtags, accounts and Twitter user mentions, automatically updates every minute, allows you to download photos and videos, and it comes with a custom autoload URL. And to pamper you a little more, our professional plan users get a priority support from Monday to Sunday, via email and phone. We are even willing to offer you a special deal if you hire a full month service. Contact us for more information on that!

  • Other Plans

Even if you need something completely different than what we already listed above, we’ve got you cover. You’ll probably be able to find what you want in one the following plans:

  • Educative License: Designed so that any educational center can have on their screens our slideshow throughout the year at an affordable price.
  • Resellers Plan: Designed for event companies.
  • Professional Tailored Solutions: We create any type of interactive screen for your events.
  • Customized Plan: if none of our plans fit your needs, we will make you a personalized one.

Contact us and we will fill you in about the details on each of these plans.

See? We want to keep moving forward. Better service, better features, better prices, better Hashslider! From the app itself, to its ease of use, to our unbeatable prices, we want you to enjoy the absolute best experience with social media walls. And, let me tell you, Hashslider is the best.