The 10 Best Possible Occasions to Use Hashslider

If you are creative enough, you can find a way to use Hashslider even for having breakfast with your family. Seriously, you just have to try. There are unlimited occasions and ways to have your slides with pictures being shown in a screen, but we did the creative hard work and came up with the best 10 ideas. From birthday parties and marriages, to football games and work meetings.

Hashslider is always good for any occasion


These are our 10 best ideas to use the Hashslider app:

Night Parties

Who doesn’t like to take pictures in a night party and share it on social media?


Birthday Celebration

Hashslider is so easy to set up that you only need a laptop and a screen and you will be watching your birthday’s funny pictures in no time.


Why not? You get into a store, try a new outfit and take a picture to share with the entire floor, no shame in that, you may even receive free fashion advices from the rest of the customers.


Staying in a hotel

Modern fancy hotels have plenty of screens, and they also have TV’s in their rooms. Since almost everyone visiting a hotel is having fun and taking loads of pictures, sharing them both on social media and screens would be the next logical step.



In no other occasion are pictures so frequently and abundantly taken, so having no screens showing the pictures of the wedding is almost a fun-killing crime.



Any kind of competition looks good on the screens, whether you are watching some poodles in a dog race, kids dancing, a boxing match, and even people eating chicken wings. We need to see those pictures!


Job Meetings

Job meetings are common and usually crowded in every company, especially for the sales force. So depending on the industry, workers can show their work or experiences through pictures into the slides thanks to Hashslider.


Football Matches

In the field? Maybe. But you can also use Hashslider at home while watching your favorite sports. The hashtag must not exclusively be related to your surroundings, but you can also use popular and trending hashtags to see on a big screen what other people are writing and sharing on social media.



Fans go crazy at concerts, that’s no secret, they record hours-long videos and take hundreds of pictures, so they are an excellent occasion to show fan-made pictures on a big screen.


Important Events

There are an infinity of events that can take advantage of Hashslider’s innovative features. A food expo, a political meeting, a special holiday, and almost every other occasion where pictures can be taken or shown.

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When would you use Hashslider?