Why Sports And Social Walls Play Well Together

Static advertising systems no longer make sense in big stadiums and playing fields. Instead of that, it is a better choice to bet on new marketing strategies such as dynamic screening advertising. These tools offer more brand visibility because they don’t remain the same over the time and keep changing as the play goes on.

Apart from their characteristic dynamism, screens are more striking than banners, traditional signage and other conventional advertising supports.

Along the history, some researches and studies have shown that people are unconsciously exposed to their background at sporting events. Brands have become aware of the full potential screens offer because they cause relevant impact on people. As a consequence, the biggest part of the audience is able to remember spontaneously the announced brands at the event, even if they do not pay attention to them.  

We should keep in mind that, each game has an estimated duration of 2 hours or more. Besides, sport fans assist to the stadiums and arenas too many times a year. That contributes to creating a noticeable impact and obtaining high exposition.

The same happens if we introduce the concept of the social wall in big screens as an alternative to advertising campaigns. They build up excitement and encourage fans to engage by displaying on streaming the best content on social media.  

Stadiums must include social media marketing tools that increase attendee interaction with the whole context. They are a powerful source of participation, and should not be undervalued. Therefore, they can be a perfect fit with gaming and matches due to the full potential they suppose.

In this post, we are going to confess some reasons why Hashslider and its social wall play well together with sports.


1. Reduce the perception of waiting times

During match time, there are some breaks in which the players have a rest or the team plans the future gaming strategy, among others. Right at those moments, the audience has nothing to do, and here appears Hashslider’s opportunity to steal the spotlight.

Once the screen has been set up, it is ready to be the main focus of attention.

When the crowd is not entertained due to punctual breaks, they take action and start publishing some posts on social media with a hashtag. As a result, the social wall reduces the perception of time waited during match breaks as people are being distracted.


2. Engage your team


Whatever the sport is, there will always be two or more opposing teams that compete for the win. That means that the crowd is usually shared by rival teams, and both sides will be defending their favorite one.

It is proved that the sport team becomes more motivated to achieving the victory when they feel supported by their fan community. In order to help them win, the audience can share their support through the social wall.

The event’s rivalry increases as well as emotion and adrenaline when people share their personal pictures showing the team colors and hashtags. Therefore, when supporters from one team do that, the other side is automatically challenged to do the same. Otherwise, their team won’t feel reassured neither confident.

In other words, we could say that the social wall sparks competition beyond the playing field. Apart from the real game, the screen promotes a kind of “picture battle”, and the two opposing teams will fight to overcome it. Fans create a dynamic competition at the same time the match goes on. Will the same side win both battles?


3.Extra exposure

The social wall implies that the crowd attendees become part of the show.

Considering that screens at stadiums use to be so huge, it is not hard to imagine the significant impact they cause. On top on that, the most important matches are broadcasted on streaming so that everyone can watch it. In those cases, family and friends of the attendees can watch the posts shared on the social wall, even if they don’t assist to the stadium physically.

Regarding the massive posts publications, it is possible to trigger buzz on social media thanks to the massive shared content about the match.


4. Have fun! 

Sports are related with positive vibes, health and community union. It creates a strong union between players and fans because all of them celebrate common goals and remarkable wins.

Currently, matches take place in completely dynamic environments. Too many different stimuli (like team mascots, vendors or signage) distract the audience. Even though, people receive and capture many of those interventions and react favorably to them.

The Hashslider social wall will be perceived as something positive, and the audience will feel it is an added value.


5. Boost of sport’s popularity

Sports have been growing exponentially in recent years, no matter what they are (basketball, football, baseball, volleyball…)

They involve the audience in developed and emerging countries at the same time, which means that sports are becoming one of the more common grounds between countries and even continents.

Another positive fact about sports is that all sorts of people follow them (fans, sponsors, brands…), and small interest niches are disappearing since they have become a massive movement.


6. Advertise your brand

If you own a brand, it is very likely you obtain profits if you promote your products in big screens at any arena. For sure, your ads will obtain a great exposure.

Additionally, the screen advertisement could help your company to extend sponsorship opportunities.