What is Hashslider?
Hashslider is an online platform dedicated to providing solutions to integrate social media content into all types of devices.
What types of products do we offer?
Our main product is the slideshow but we offer all kinds of social walls and solutions tailored to your needs.
What social networks do we integrate?
The default Hashslider version integrates Instagram and Twitter content. With our professional tailored solutions, we can integrate all the social networks you need.
What are the free version limits?
Check out the comparison table in our pricing section.
Recommendations for users of the free plan
Currently the free plan allows to create events with a limit of 50 posts per slideshow. We recommend selecting a "Starting Date" close to the current date to ensure that this limit is not reached when creating the event.
Hiring packages and response time?
Currently our hiring system will allow you to automatically hire the "Basic plan", the "Remove branding plan" and the "Standard customization plan".
If you need to hire the "Professional plan" let us know as soon as possible (at least 24 hours in advance).
The production time of a professional customization will vary depending on the needs of the client and our work queue.
What are our payment methods?
Payments are always made with credit card or through Paypal.
Payments must always be made before the event starts.
What is the event starting date?
The event starting date represents the day when the first post (photo, video or tweet) shown on the slideshow was uploaded. If you want to see posts from 10 days ago, for example, you must select in the calendar the date of 10 days ago.
What types of post will be seen in the slideshow?
Currently the default version allows to see photos and videos of Instagram and Twitter and Instagram carousels. You can also see tweets (text only) but these will be censored by default. You can change this option in the settings of your event, from the settings menu of the controller view.
How often will posts be updated?
Usually the updates do not take more than 30 seconds. This time can be increased depending on the number of hashtags you are using, the network conditions, and the response times of Instagram and Twitter.
It is important not to use the same Hashslider account for more than one event at a time. We access social networks through their APIs and each of these APIs sets limits of requests per hour. If you use the same Hashslider account for more than one event, the speed of updates may be greatly reduced.
Can I include old posts in the slideshow?
Hashslider limits the starting date to two years before the current date.
This way, you will be able to view your Instagram posts up to two years ago without any problems.
As for Twitter, we are limited by the rules of their API, which only allows us to get posts about a week ago, so when you create a new event you will only see the Twitter posts made during the last week.
What is the event expiration date?
This date represents the expiration time of an inactive event. For technical reasons, we can not keep event data indefinitely, when an event has not been used in the last days, its data is deleted. If you use an event every day or once a week do not worry, this date will be back to "X" (the number of days that the data of an event is kept depends on the contracted plan) days each time you use your event.
How can I download the photos?
The download of photos and videos of the event is only included in the following plans: "Remove branding plan", "Standard customization plan" and "Professional customization plan".
If you have hired any of these plans go to the "My Events" section and click on the download button of any of your events.
No posts in my slideshow! What should I do?
Make sure the #hashtag you've chosen has posts for the time period you've chosen. If not, you can do a test by hanging a publication with your Instagram account and tagging it with your #hashtag.
I do not see any of my posts! What should I do?
Check that your Instagram or Twitter account is configured as public, otherwise we will not be able to show your posts.
I do not see any of my Twitter posts! What should I do?
Keep in mind that Twitter only allows us to download the posts made during the last week. If your posts are older than this date they will not be shown.
Recommendations for users with slow connections
To ensure the best user experience with slow connections we recommend to disable the carousel type posts and enable the cache of the videos.

In order to disable the carousel type posts you have to enable the automatic censorship for this kind of posts. Open the controller view, enter the settings menu and go to "MODERATION SETTINGS => POSTS SETTINGS => CAROUSEL SETTINGS" once you enter this menu click on the "On" button of the "CENSOR NEW CAROUSELS" option.

The videos cache is enabled by default so, if you have not changed its settings, you don't have to do nothing. In order to change the videos cache settings enter the settings menu and go to "SLIDESHOW SETTINGS => ADVANCED SETTINGS". Once you enter this menu click on the "Off" button of the "DISABLE VIDEO CACHE" option.
Instagram API changes (April 2018)
Since early April, without notice, Instagram started making changes to its API (Application Programming Interface) that affects our services.

Mainly our services have been affected by 2 points: the reduction of the number of requests that each user of the application can make, from 5000 to 200 per hour, and the deprecation of the endpoint "user/media".

As a consequence of the reduction in the number of requests our services have been affected in the following way:
- Comments on Instagram posts: by not having the number of requests necessary to show the comments, we have been forced to eliminate them. We are working on this point to find an alternative solution that allows us to show the comments with the number of requests that we currently have.
- Initial posts load: during the creation of the event, the initial load of the slideshow has slowed down for a few seconds, the loading time will depend on the number of posts downloaded during the creation of the event. In addition, the number of posts downloaded during the creation of the event has been reduced from 4000 to 200.
- Posts update time: the update time of Instagram posts has increased from 10 seconds to 1 minute. If the event follows several #hashtags the update time can increase considerably, reaching around 3 minutes.
Do you have more questions?
You can contact us at info@hashslider.com.