Standard customized slideshow theme

Welcome! Here are some examples of our custom standard theme: #standardTheme
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Standard theme sample slide 1Standard theme sample slide 2Standard theme sample slide 3Standard theme sample slide 4Standard theme sample slide 5

The standard customization will keep the slideshow elements in the same position but will allow you to change the logo, the background, the text colors and the information message. You can automatically do your own customization from your My customization page:

This customization is ideal for small events that require a custom design such as weddings, company events, festivals, concerts, museums... It is also perfect for shops, restaurants or clubs that need a customized service throughout the year.

Keep in mind that to promote our service the Hashslider logo is present in a very small format on the information message screen. If you need to completely remove our logo contact us to hire the professional plan.

In addition if you contract you will enjoy all the benefits included in the "Standard customization plan". You can see all the benefits of the plan in our pricing page: Standard customization plan

Hire standard customization plan